Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Jessica Ashley and Shaq introducing a new dance

By Andy Gray
April 26, 2016

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Raptors Win. Shaq Has New Dance

Toronto squeaked by Indiana as Solomon Hill's game-tying basket came 0.1 seconds too late. Raptors superfan Drake made his presence felt with some annoying clapping and a great postgame meme. I'm going to pretend like the Celtics game never happened and instead enjoy Shaquille O'Neal's new 'Gorilla Dab' Dance.

Bartolo Colon Runs

The internet can be evil, just ask Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro. There are a few times, rare as they may be, when the internet lights up with a collective smile. They usually involve Bartolo Colon, and Tuesday was no exception.

Whatever You Say, Papi

David Ortiz weighed in on Deflategate. Try to make sense of this quote.

Lovely Lady of the Day

(click for full-size gallery). 

My Least Favorite Song in the World

I'm a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and may be a little biased, but this video of him inviting a 10-year-old girl on stage to sing with him is just tremendous. The girl was holding a sign claiming that she knew all the words to Blinded By the Light and Bruce had to test her knowledge. Also worth mentioning: Manfred Mann's cover of Blinded by the Light is my least favorite song in the world. It's like a car horn blaring over and over. I hate it more than I dislike Roger Goodell.

Athletes vs. Journalists

I'm a day late on this but Rangers defenseman Dan Boyle lit into Larry Brooks of the New York Post after Monday's season-ending loss to the Penguins. At least Brooks still has a job. The same can't be said of the Houston reporter that kept asking Draymond Green about the floods.

The Mountain Diet

Hafthor Bjornsson (Mountain from Game of Thrones) shared his diet and it made me full.

Broncos Get Their Trophy

Heart Attack on Line 1

Speaking of Roger Goodell

By Jim Thompson

Odds & Ends

The Sacramento Kings will pay for your tattoo of their new logo ... This hockey fan has to get a Gary Bettman butt tattoo for his bad playoff predictions ... The Dolphins must regret getting involved with Ndamukong Suh ... The future of hair dryers ... NFL Mock Draft of picks teams should make (but likely won’t) ... Six healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (April 26).

Von Miller Does Bad

Tuesday's MLB Highlights


Tough Love

If this were my mom, I'd be in the emergency within 20 minutes. Watch Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Esquire Network.

Two Great Prince (Train) Tributes



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