Mapping America’s most gluttonous minor league foods

The best thing about minor league baseball is the food, so we decided to map the most outlandish concession items around the country. 
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The best thing about minor league baseball, aside from the team names, has to be the food. It seems like teams are constantly battling to see who has the most outlandish concession items. recently concluded its annual “Food Fight” contest, where fans vote on their favorite ballpark fare. The winner was “Lava Rock Fire and Ice” from the Round Rock Express, a platter of beef tenderloin and shrimp cooked on a 700-degree slab of volcanic rock. Yeah, it’s a little more high-brow than the other entries. 

We carefully studied the full list of entries and pulled out the gooiest, messiest, artery-clogging goodies, then we put them on a map so you can see if any of the good ones are at a ballpark near you. 

Hover over each dot on the map to see the team’s food, then use the polls below the map to vote on your favorites. 

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Let us know if you’ve tried any of these. Better yet, let your doctor know.