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Ranking Tim Duncan’s 10 most egregious fashion crimes

Sure, Tim Duncan was a really great basketball player, but he was also an astoundingly terrible dresser. 

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Sure, Tim Duncan was a really great basketball player, but he was also an astoundingly terrible dresser. 

Now that he’s announced his retirement, much will be written about his legendary career. He certainly deserves those fond remembrances, but he also deserves to be roasted for his terrible fashion choices. Let’s take a look at his worst crimes of style. 

GALLERY: Rare Photos of Tim Duncan

10. 2010 All-Star Game

2010asg jennifer pottheiser nba.jpg

Sweatpants and hoodies are as much a part of Duncan’s legacy as the mid-range jumper.

9. 2003 MVP ceremony

duncan2 andrew d bernstein nba 2003 mvp.jpg

After winning his second straight MVP award, Duncan made a much better fashion choice than after the first one (more on that later). Sure, it’s pretty drab, but at least everything fits reasonably well. 

8. 2003 NBA Finals

2003 finals d clarke evans.jpg

Do you think his collar is big enough?

7. 2006 All-Star Game

2006asg ray amati nba.jpg

Your eye immediately goes to garishly patterned shirt, but don’t sleep on the jeans. 

6. March 15, 2004 vs. Warriors

mar15 04 rocky widner nba.jpg

Are those supposed to be short sleeves?

5. 1998 Rookie of the Year Ceremony

duncan1 al rendon nba 1998 roy.jpg

Timmy was clearly thrilled to win his first big award, so he broke out his finest undershirt.  

4. 2005 All-Star Game

2005asg nathaniel s butler nba.jpg

I’m not even mad. I’m just impressed a guy with a 7'6" wingspan was able to find a garment with sleeves that are eight inches too long. 

3. 2008 All-Star Game

08asg jennifer pottheiser nba.jpg

No one looks good here. The 2000s were a dark time.

2. 2008 Western Conference Finals


NBA Trivia: Tim Duncan bought a pair of jeans with his first pro paycheck and never bought another pair. 

1. 2002 MVP ceremony

2002 mvp bernstein.jpg

Jorts and Birkenstocks. Most NBA players wouldn’t show their face in public after that. Duncan went out and won the MVP again the next year.