Does Fox 29 in Philadelphia know Nick Foles got traded more than a year ago?

By Dan Gartland
July 29, 2016

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace apparently knows more about the Eagles than Philadelphia’s local Fox affiliate.

With Wallace in town for the Democratic National Convention, Philly’s Fox 29 thought it would be fun to surprise Wallace, a Washington fan, live on air with an Eagles jersey. 

Wait, Nick Foles? The guy the Eagles traded before last season and who just got cut by the Rams?

But it gets even worse. In the video of the segment, you can see that Fox 29’s Alex Holley thought the jersey she’d been given was Darren Sproles’s. Then Wallace showed off his knowledge about Foles’s current employment status.

Modell’s must have been all sold out of Mike Kafka, Koy Detmer and Mark Sanchez jerseys. 

[via The Big Lead]

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