One of Grant Holmes’s teammates was nice enough to snap a selfie when the Dodgers prospect found out he was traded.

By Dan Gartland
August 01, 2016

The MLB trade deadline was frantic for fans (and us media members), but what about for the players? You rarely stop to think about what it’s like for a guy to learn he has to pick up and move.

Thankfully, Dodgers prospect Alex Burgos gave us a peek behind the curtain at what it’s like for a guy to find out he’s been traded. 

Grant Holmes, Burgos’s Rancho Cucamonga teammate, is headed to the A’s system as part of the deal that netted the Dodgers Rich Hill and Josh Reddick

Burgos was kind enough to snap a selfie right when Holmes was notified of the deal. 

Somehow I think Dillon Tate’s reaction to learning he was acquired by the Yankees isn’t quite as genuine

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