You will soon be able to run through a field of corn shaped like Kirk Cousins.

By Brendan Maloy
August 01, 2016

Kirk Cousins won over Redskins fans by leading the team to the NFC East title and a playoff appearance in his first season as the team’s full-time starter. Now some supporters are paying him back by honoring the quarterback with a corn maze in his likeness.

The Wayside Farm in Virginia has revealed plans to carve Cousins, along with his catchphrase, “You Like That?,” into a corn field for fans to come run through.

The farm also features what appears to be a gigantic Lego version of Cousins towering over its fall festivities, which will run from Sept. 17 through Oct. 30.

Wayside Farm Fun is located in Berryville, Va., just a 40-minute drive from Cousins' in-season hometown of Ashburn, and the perfect distance for a road trip in his beloved conversion van.


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