Ballers Power Rankings: Episode 6, ‘Saturdaze’

Travis Mack is moving up and Ricky Jerret is moving down in this week’s rankings.
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Welcome to Extra Mustard’s weekly Ballers power rankings (click here for last week’s rankings). This week, in Season 2, Episode 6, Travis Mack runs the 40-yard dash for Mark Schlereth, New Orleans pulls their offer to Ricky, and Vernon and Reggie are nowhere to be found.

1. Travis Mack (last week: not ranked)

Last week Travis committed to Spencer. This week, Spencer commits to him. The two go along on a fishing trip with Justin—err Jason—and Mark Schlereth in hopes of improving public opinion. Travis wins Spencer a large bet, and ends the episode by doing a freaking backflip. In an episode that left a lot to be desired, Travis gassing Coronas then running a 4.58 40 on camera was cool. It was enough to knock off Andre, who hasn’t done anything over the past two episodes.

2. Andre (last week: 1)

Look, Travis Mack maybe going in the first round now shouldn’t do much to shake Andre. He’s got a giant house, and knowledge of Spencer’s failed real estate deal. He missed out on Joe, but he planted a seed that could tear Anderson apart. Life’s good. Drink a Dos Equis.

3. Charles Greane (last week: 2)

Charles has only been at his new job with the Dolphins for, what, a week? He’s already telling people they’re fired. It’s a tough job, and he doesn’t even do it, but he does become a hero for calming down an incensed Kovac. If he can somehow find out this man’s first name, he’d ascend to No. 1.

I feel like Mike Tyson right now. What’s Kovac’s full name? Anybody know Kovac’s full name?

4. Spencer Strasmore (last week: 8)

Look, I have no idea anymore with show. Is Spencer dealing with a painkiller addiction or not? They kept showing him popping pills through the first three episodes, then they stopped in episode four, resumed in episode five, and now they’ve stopped again. Make up your damn mind, HBO.

let’s assume he’s got his addiction under control for the time being. That’s great news! And he also just single-handedly elevated Travis Mack’s draft stock with a stupid bet! Plus, for now, he’s got Joe’s loyalty.

Oh, and he’s gonna try to make this long-distance thing work with Tracy. They just peppered that in there at the beginning. He drank a lot of Don Julio. It was a good episode for Spence.

5. Jason Justin (last week: 3)

Ricky’s only got one offer right now, and it’s the one with the most money. Stinks to be Ricky, but doesn’t really stink to be Jason right now. Plus, he’s got Travis moving up in the world now.

6. Joe Krutel (last week: 7)

Love how Joe went right for the jugular at Andre’s party, going into his office like that. Then played it as cool as Joe Krutel could play it.

7. Ricky Jerret (last week: 4)

So Ricky’s father is just at his house, like nothing ever happened? Just kicking it, shooting the breeze with TTD? Then he has the nerve to ruin Ricky’s decision on Twitter. What the f—, @therealdennisjerret? Ricky will probably be able to remedy this situation, knowing this show, but still. What the hell!?

8. Ricky’s fun house (last week: not ranked)

Huge appearance by the fun house.

9. Reggie (last week: 5)

Ouch. Not even a mention of Reggie in this episode. It looked like they were going to really increase his role, but now he’s taken a backseat as Vernon rehabs from his injury. I missed Reggie.

10. Anderson (last week: not ranked)

Say what you will about Joe causing problems, but he’s good at his job. He just turned down $150,000 more per year to stay at Anderson. That’s a win.

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