NHL prospect wears ‘RIP Harambe’ shirt instead of jersey at trophy parade

Flames prospect Matthew Tkachuk shouted out the Cincinnati Zoo’s late gorilla. 
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The most inexplicable internet meme out there right now is Harambe, the dearly departed Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. The zoo was so inundated with Harambe memes on Twitter that it decided to just delete the account

That brings us to Flames prospect Matthew Tkachuk, the sixth pick in this year’s NHL draft. At Thursday’s parade celebrating his junior team’s championship, Tkachuk ditched his London Knights jersey in favor of an “RIP Harambe” T-shirt. The meme is officially international.

Mike Francesa spent eight minutes ranting about the Cincinnati gorilla

The shirt is cool, but if Tkachuk really wants to honor Harambe he should dedicate his season to him like Boston College’s quarterback.