Several cyclists crashed after the father of one of their fellow competitors purposefully obstructed the course. 

By Dan Gartland
September 05, 2016

A cycling race this weekend turned ugly thanks to an over-protective father. 

At the Tour Cycliste Antenne Reunion on the tiny French island of Reunion, the father of one of the cyclists caused several competitors to crash by pulling a metal barrier across the road just as the leaders were heading toward the finish line. 

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The saboteur is Jean-Bernard Boyer, the father of cyclist Jonathan Boyer. He was fined €300 for his actions. 

Boyer was upset because his son crashed and the race was not halted in order to let him rejoin. It doesn’t sound like he would have been able to continue anyway. According to local outlet Orange, Boyer suffered head trauma and several broken ribs in the fall and remained hospitalized as of Monday. 

Another cyclist, an unnamed South African, reportedly broke his collarbone after crashing over the barrier Boyer’s father dragged on the course. 


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