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Central Michigan posted the final score on Twitter. Only it wasn’t final. 

By Dan Gartland
September 10, 2016

The ending of Saturday’s Central Michigan-Oklahoma State game was one of the most incredible in recent memory. The ending was so unbelievable, even the Chippewas’ official Twitter account threw in the towel before the game was over. 

But that tweet was quickly deleted and followed up by this one.

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The confusion was warranted, it turns out. The game should have ended after CMU sent the first tweet but the refs messed up and gave the Chips one untimed down. Central Michigan took advantage of the officiating blunder and threw a game-winning Hail Mary. 

Or, as the Chippewas put it on Twitter: 

Don’t worry, Chips, we won’t tell anyone the play never should have happened. 

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