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A man in Indiana is accused of sending dead skunks and raccoons to a guy who beat him out for a basketball coach job. 

By Dan Gartland
September 14, 2016

A guy who was passed over for a basketball coaching job in Larry Bird’s hometown is accused of being a very sore loser. 

According to WISH, 40-year-old Travis Tarrants was up for a job as a fourth grade teacher and basketball coach in French Lick, Ind. Police say that when another man was chosen for the job, Tarrants mailed the guy four dead skunks and a raccoon in numerous packages. 

He’s also accused of making repeated claims that the guy who got the job was a sexual abuser. The victim and his fiancee received threatening phone calls from a blocked number, too, and Tarrants allegedly spray-painted crude threats (“u will die) on the couple’s cars. 

Tarrants faces two counts each of stalking, intimidation and criminal mischief. 

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