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The Oilers’ new mascot is supposed to be ‘huggable,’ but it is absolutely not

The Oilers’ new mascot alludes to hunting children, which is bad.

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The Oilers have paired the debut of a new arena with the reveal of a new mascot. His name is Hunter and he’s a lynx. 

“One of the main criteria was to select a mascot that was approachable and huggable,” the Edmonton Sun explains. You think that wouldn’t be too hard, since lynx are just big cats

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Is Hunter “approachable and huggable,” though? No. He’s got enormous teeth and a mouth that is clearly hungry for blood. 

He also may or may not hunt children. Here’s how the team describes how Hunter came to love hockey. 

Like my lynx family and friends, I only come out at night to hunt, and on one of those nights I actually came across a bunch of kids playing hockey on an outdoor rink. 

And then what, Hunter?! And then what did you do after you saw the children on your hunt?

He’s not nearly as creepy as the Saint Louis Billiken, and he didn’t murder a firefighter, so I guess it could have been worse.