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Car shop says angry Panthers RB Mike Tolbert paid $3,900 in coins

Panthers running back Mike Tolbert is apparently pretty petty. 

Panthers running back Mike Tolbert tried to be jerk but didn’t think it out fully, according to a Charlotte auto tuning shop. 

According to Jalopnik, Tolbert was trying to get a new engine in his old Chevy Caprice at Motion City Lab. Tolbert said in an Instagram post on Monday that the shop tried to rip him off, saying he should pay more than the original quoted price because he’s a “millionaire.”

Motion Lab fired back with a Facebook post later in the day, alleging that Tolbert initially tried to parlay his celebrity status into getting the work done for free. Tolbert got upset and the author of the post says they were forced to call the police, who banned him from the property. 

“They forced him to pay his bill before leaving though,” the post says. “In a passive aggressive manner, he thought he would get the last laugh by paying in coins.”

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That’s a classic move, even Ken Griffey Jr. did it once, but Tolbert didn’t think it through. The coins he gave the shop were still sorted and in their boxes from the bank. Instead of having to put thousands of coins in rolls, they can just take them back to the bank in the boxes.

At least he had exact change.