Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Gabrielle Kagay; Teenager busted driving 146 mph

Thursday’s P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Gabrielle Kagay and a teenager busted driving a Neon 146 mph
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The Playoffs Haven’t Even Started

Standing room tickets to see the Cubs in the World Series at Wrigley start at $2,000, despite the team still needing seven wins just to get there. In related news, this Cubs fan got a 2016 World Champions tattoo. Everyone’s going to be so sad when the Cubs lose again. 

How Do You Get a Dodge Neon Going This Fast?

Some 18-year-old doofus in Maine was busted for driving 146 mph in a Dodge Neon, more than double the speed limit. 

Boxing’s Pete Rose

An Irish boxer bet against himself at the Olympics but still won the match

Gabrielle Kagay: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Gabrielle Kagay was on season 19 America’s Next Top Model, competing under her first name, Kristin. She also says her friends call her Gabby. That’s a lot of names. (Click here for the full-sized gallery.) 

This Whole Thing is a Disaster

Work on the new $71 million minor league baseball stadium in Hartford has been stopped for four months. The team spent the entire season on the road. Publicly funded stadiums are the worst

Snipes 2020

It Could be Worse

Wait For It...

Here fishy fishy

Odds & Ends

The most messed-up story of the day is Jose Fernandez’s high school jersey getting stolen during a candlelight vigil. ... A heckler won $100 by sinking a putt Rory McIlroy couldn’t. ... This college basketball coach pranked his rival for a good cause. ... Even your crappy phone can take an awesome photo. ... Kevin Garnett could be joining the Cavs as an assistant coach ... Start 'em, sit 'em advice for Week 4 of the fantasy football season.. 

Science is Cool

I'd Have Broken Every Bone in My Body 

62 Years Ago Today

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