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Dodgers fan goes on gluttonous tour of Dodger Stadium after losing Joe Blanton bet

He had to eat a full serving of every concession item at Dodger Stadium. 

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The Dodgers signing career meh pitcher Joe Blanton last winter didn’t inspire confidence from too many fans. 

One fan in particular, Seth Amitie, felt so strongly Blanton would be a flop that he made a friendly wager. 

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Well, Blanton thrived in his new role as a reliever and turned in an ERA well better than the league average (2.48, good for a 158 league- and park-adjusted ERA+). 

Amitie stayed true to his word and solicited donations to cover the cost of his misery before heading to Dodger Stadium for Monday’s NLDS Game 3. It looked like quite the ordeal. 

Alright, Seth, what’s the big takeaway?

If Blanton leads the Dodgers to victory it’ll all be worth it, though. 

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