Cubs fan attempts to sabotage Trevor Bauer by sending him a drone

Trevor Bauer has had bad luck with drones. 
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The only thing that’s been able to rattle the Indians’ pitching staff this postseason has been tiny remote-controlled aircraft. 

Pitcher Trevor Bauer cut his finger while repairing his drone before the ALCS and had the cut pop open during his Game 3 start, sending blood cascading down onto the mound

One clever Cubs fan, hoping to get under Bauer’s skin a bit, decided to send him a gift on the day of his scheduled World Series start. 

A little searching reveals that the Jason Mollett really is the guy’s name. He lives in Albuquerque now but he’s from Illinois.

And here’s the best part, the gag didn’t cost him a penny. 

I’m fairly confident this is the first time a Cubs fan has mailed a miniature flying device to an opposing pitcher during the World Series. Unless Hal Newhouser got one.