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Charlie Sheen won’t be throwing the first pitch, but he will be in Cleveland for Game 7. 

By Dan Gartland
November 02, 2016

Charlie Sheen has been desperate to be a part of the Indians’ World Series run, but the team hasn’t been so receptive. 

Before Game 2, Sheen busted out his Ricky Vaughn costume from Major League, and he’s repeatedly lobbied to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. The Indians have ignored all that, though (probably because of the whole “seven-gram rocks” thing), so it looked like Sheen wouldn’t be attending the World Series this year. 

But just in time for Game 7, Sheen tweeted that he was en route to Cleveland. 

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A couple of guys who own a Cleveland-based T-shirt company ponied up the money to bring Sheen to the game, ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports

Jim Thome is throwing out the first pitch (with an assist from Travis Hafner) but I can’t guarantee Sheen won’t try to crash the ceremonies. 

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