You can thank a doomsday site and Brian Scalabrine for those Klay Thompson rumors

Brian Scalabrine read something on a bogus website and got the ball rolling on a bizarre trade rumor. 
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Are the Warriors already set to blow up their core four and trade Klay Thompson to the Celtics? Probably not, but that’s a rumor making its way across the internet on Monday thanks to a site portending the end of days. 

It all started when former NBA benchwarmer Brian Scalabrine, now an analyst for CSN New England and The Vertical, went on Frank Isola’s Sirius XM radio show and said he heard the Warriors were talking with the Celtics about dealing Thompson for Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and the Nets’ first-round pick. 

The Boston-area media sunk its teeth into this juicy bit of gossip pretty quickly, with several local sources aggregating Scalabrine’s apparent scoop.

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Scalabrine came out and clarified that he wasn’t actually reporting the news, it was just something he’d read about. 

Alright, interesting. Where did he read about it?

This is where things get really weird. The Morning Ledger is a site that publishes almost exclusively garbage, like this post about how the supermoon is a sign of the end times. 

According to a Gamers Drop report, Hagee believes that the supermoon of November 14 will be the last of the tetrad of blood moons. As a result, the day signifies a doomsday and also the second coming of Jesus.

The Justin Bautista guy Scal cites has also written about World War III is approaching, but he’s got plenty of sportswriting on his resume.

Is DeMarcus Cousins going to the Pacers? Are the Celtics trading for Nerlens Noel, or are the Blazers? Was Nostradamus right about an impending global conflict? Only time will tell.