Shia LaBeouf’s freestyle rap was so good, he’s now beefing with a DJ and sports talk show host

This could fuel the best rap beef of the decade.
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Last Friday, part-time actor and full-time troublemaker Shia LaBeouf lit the internet on fire with his surprisingly good rap freestyle on Sway In The Morning. It was so good, in fact, that it got a response from Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg, who is also a regular part of ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show (see, sports and pop culture, colliding!).

Anyway, Rosenberg went to work on Friday with some bars written down, and he totally tore apart Shia in about a half-minute. You can check it out below, but once again, it’s got some NSFW language.

This could ignite the best rap beef of the decade. Drake and Meek Mill was such a weak feud. There is real potential here for some genuine diss tracks. Really hoping Shia comes back with enough fire to heat my apartment, because I could use the break. Heat’s expensive.