Snoop Dogg rips NFL uniform policy: ‘I think that's some bulls---’

Snoop Dogg wants the NFL to let players have more fun with their on-field attire. 
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You can always count on Snoop Dogg to speak his mind, whether it’s about the Rams’ ongoing feud with Eric Dickerson or the NFL’s uniform policy. 

Snoop spoke with Sole Collector recently and torched the NFL for strictly regulating what players are allowed to wear. 

“I think that's some bullshit. The NFL is full of shit with them rules and regulations,” Snoop told Sole Collector. “They make so much money off the players and endorsements and sponsors. They should let the players do whatever they want to. If this player has an endorsement deal with this company, he should be entitled to wear what he wants—whether it's the color of the uniform or not. That’s just business. That’s just like your forcing them to wear headphones and certain s--- that is branded for the NFL, they should have the right to do what they want to do as players.”

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It’s worth mentioning that Snoop has a vested interest in lobbying the NFL to let players wear non-Nike gear: he works with Adidas and has designed cleats for the company. But while players are still required to wear Nike cleats, at least this week they’ll get to wear ones in colors that represent causes they care about