This Nebraska high school basketball game had one of the wildest finishes you’ll ever see. 

By Dan Gartland
December 13, 2016

A buzzer-beater is a pretty rare thing, but three in a row? What are the odds of that? 

Two high school teams in Nebraska had one of the most unbelievable endings you’ll ever see during a game on Friday night. Blair and Waverly were tied in the final seconds and it took incredible shots to decide a winner.

A heave from the opposite three-point line from Blair’s Quincy Nichols went in, but was waved off when the referee ruled a foul occurred before the shot. Waverly’s Jay Adams sunk a shot from halfcourt, but his coach called timeout before he released it. The game-winner was a run-of-the-mill three from the left wing by Waverly’s Merrick Deger.

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That must have been a brutal bus ride back home for the kids from Blair. 

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