Oh, so now rats are acting like people?

Good news: Rats are taking over New York City. 
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If you live in New York City long enough, you get used to seeing the rats. Not in your home, hopefully, but in the streets, in the park and, definitely, in the subway. 

You see rats on the tracks all the time, less frequently on the platform and even more rarely inside a train. Recently, a troubling trend has emerged: rats are acting like people. 

Sure, this started last year with Pizza Rat, but two horrifying videos emerged on Monday that show this is becoming a trend. First, a rat riding the escalator at Penn Station.

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The New York Post also got its hands on a video of a rat climbing the pole on a Queens-bound N train, not unlike everyone’s least favorite subway riders

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The good news is rising sea levels will soon drown all the rats and the citizens along with them.