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Yes, all these names are real. 

By Dan Gartland
January 04, 2017

Most people outside the I-95 corridor don’t know the first thing about lacrosse. That’s fine—all you really need to know is that the players have tremendous names. 

Every year since 2008, the fine folks at Inside Lacrosse have presented the All-Name Team and this year’s is a special one, as the 2017 edition marks the second-to-last appearance of this generation of Stanwicks. 

The eight Stanwick children—Wells, Steele, Tad, Sheehan, Wick, Coco, Covie and Shack—have been mainstays on the list. But alas, 2017 is young Shackleford’s junior season at Johns Hopkins. Their reign will soon be over. 

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Fear not, though, because this year’s list proves that lacrosse names will survive long after the Stanwick dynasty is over. 

There’s Griffin Woodfinlevine, Joseph Joseph, Brewster Warble and Holden Rosen Grupp. On the women’s side we have Glade Nugent, Oralee Hespenheide, Gussie Johns and Harlowe Steele. 

Go over to IL and pick out your favorite

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