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Hockey fan expresses displeasure with referee by dropping his pants

Sometimes you’re just so mad you want to pull your pants down.

The Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey can be more sideshow than hockey. It’s known for its tendency to devolve into brutal brawls but the absurdity isn’t always confined to the ice, as a fan at a recent game showed. 

In a game between the Laval Predateurs and Rivière-du-Loup 3L, a controversial non-call on a goal apparently tipped in by a high stick sent the crowd into a frenzy. One man was so incensed that he dropped his pants and mooned the referees. 

(In you need a disclaimer, yes, there really is a man showing his ass in the video below. Do not click play if you don’t want to see a Quebecois man’s ass.)

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Given the lack of action by the man in the “staff” hoodie, Yahoo’s Greg Wyshynski speculates that the stunt could have been staged. I’m totally sold, though. That man is legitimately worked up. 

[via Puck Daddy]