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Video: 80 people miraculously escape collapsing roof at Czech gym

Despite the frightening footage, all 80 people managed to escape unharmed. 

Quick thinking saved the lives of about 80 people at a youth floorball game in the Czech Republic on Saturday. 

In the middle of the game, people inside the building realized something was terribly wrong when the roof began to creak and crack. When they heard a big boom and saw dust fall through the ceiling, they all made a mad dash for the exits as the roof collapsed in on itself. 

One person inside the gym captured the chaotic moments on video.

Incredibly, everyone was able to escape the building before the collapse and there were only two minor injuries

The building was just recently opened and cost $2.8 million to build. The roof was covered by about 10 inches of snow but the collapse is initially believed to be the result of shoddy craftsmanship, not snow accumulation. The subcontractor in charge of building the roof may face criminal charges.