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Is Terry Bradshaw looking for wife No. 5?

By Dan Gartland
February 02, 2017

Terry Bradshaw made things pretty awkward during Lady Gaga’s pre-Super Bowl press conference on Wednesday. 

Bradshaw started things off innocently enough, with a question about Gaga’s setlist for the halftime show. But when Gaga revealed that her grandmother, watching at home, is a big fan of Bradshaw’s Steelers, he decided ask “Is she a single lady?” She is, Terry, but only because her beloved husband died. 

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Despite the cringe-worthy remark, Gaga’s mom was still delighted when Bradshaw handed her an autographed football. 

It’s probably fair to assume that Bradshaw was joking, though. He just got married for the fourth time less than three years ago and his marital woes are frequently the butt of jokes.


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