Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Danielle Herrington and a rattlesnake in a toilet

By Andy Gray
February 03, 2017

This is Terrifying

I'm a little burned out from all the Super Bowl talk. So while it would be logical to lead Hot Clicks with a Super Bowl story two days before the big game, I'm not always a logical person. That brings us to a family in Texas, which found 24 rattlesnakes living in its home including one in the toilet. I can't think of anything worse, except getting a snake caught in your ear. And since you asked, I will make a Super Bowl prediction: Patriots win 48-17.

Skip Bayless vs. Le'Veon Bell

After the Shrimp Bayless diss track, you knew Skip was going to come out firing.

Legend of Kobe Buffalomeat

Learn more about college football's newest legend.

Danielle Herrington: Lovely Lady of the Day

Danielle Herrington, who is straight outta Compton, is the newest member of the SI Swimsuit family. Expect to see a lot more of her in the coming years. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

Dogs in Denim

An Australian woman quit her job in fashion to create a line of denim for dogs. And since you're wondering, I definitely think Larry would look good in denim.

Small Fox, Big Ears

As you can tell, I'm covering all the hard news in today's Hot Clicks.

Why Are You Always Hungry?

There's a scientific reason (or you just eat a lot and need more food to stay full).

These Airport Code Hats Are Really Cool

Whether you’re reppin’ ATL for the Falcons or BOS for the Pats, snag yourself one of these for Super Bowl Sunday, and beyond.

You Will Regret This

Kill This Trade!

Odds & Ends

The 10 worst Super Bowl halftime performances ... Play Super Bowl Bingo while you watch Sunday's game ... Grade A trolling by the Wizards on Nick Young ... I thought candlepin bowling was the only way to bowl until I left Massachusetts ... Good news for Argentinean sunbathers ... Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert got into a heated debate on Colbert's show ... Denny's tweeted about Beyonce and her fans were not happy about it.

Mean Tweet: NFL Edition

Clueless Gamer with Tom Brady

Antonio Brown's Retirement Message to Pat McAfee

Making of 'Fight Milk'

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