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Finding one in the toilet is the worst way to discover 24 rattlesnakes in your house

One crawled up the toilet and that wasn’t even the worst part. 

I had a mouse in my apartment last winter and that wasn’t fun, but I realized after reading the story of a Texas family who found 24 rattlesnakes in their home that I couldn’t really complain. 

Discovering you’ve been living with two dozen predators that can kill you in a split second is bad enough but to make matters worse, 14-year-old Isac McFadden made the find while trying to use the bathroom.

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Luckily (or maybe not?), the McFaddens live in a part of the state where there are entire businesses dedicated to eradicating venomous snakes from peoples’ homes. They called Big Country Snake Removal and the professional snake catcher discovered a total of 24 western diamondback rattlesnakes.

I hope they burned their house to the ground and moved to a place too cold for snakes to survive.