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Iman Shumpert got married next to the bathroom where he delivered his daughter

Remember when Shump delivered his own daughter in his bathroom? He married his wife directly in front of that bathroom.

The bathroom in Iman Shumpert's home certainly holds a special place in his heart. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers forwarddelivered his baby girl Junie in that bathroom in 2015. And when it came time for Shumpert and girlfriend Teyana Taylor to get married last year, the couple told GQ they decided to tie the knot in front of that same bathroom.

Responding to a question asking him to clarify the wedding site, Shumpert said, "it was like our bathroom in our room, so right in front of the bathroom. We have double doors, so we opened the doors. Pretty much, we got married at the crime scene. It was a really special moment to get married in that home period."

Shumpert is making nearly $9 million this year. Money is not an issue; he could have gotten married literally anywhere in the world. But he chose to do it in his bedroom, directly in front of the bathroom.

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I like my bathroom plenty—don't get me wrong—but this takes bathroom love to a new level. 

-Daniel Rapaport