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Watch: Greg Maddux dresses up as a sound guy and punks Kris Bryant

The Hall of Fame pitcher disguised himself as a sound guy and threw BP to the unsuspecting NL MVP. 

Greg Maddux got Kris Bryant pretty good, according to this ad from Red Bull

The Chicago Cubs third baseman and reigning NL MVP was at the College of Southern Nevada getting some light offseason batting practice in. Maddux, disguised as the 'sound guy,' was standing behind the batting cage and Bryant, now a World Series champion, had no idea who he was. Maddux began making some off-hand comments, prompting Bryant to remark that the "sound guy has a bit of an attitude."  

Then, the batting practice pitcher (who was in on the prank) said he had to go proctor a study hall for college players because another coach bailed. Sound guy Maddox volunteered to step in, but Bryant was initially opposed to the idea. 

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Bryant was eventually convinced and Maddux, who won four consecutive NL Cy Youngs and 18 Gold Glove Awards, began throwing BP. 

After Bryant hit one over the fence, Maddux approached Bryant and asked for an autograph to be made out to Greg Maddux. Bryant then knew that he was on the wrong end of a pretty solid prank. That is, if he didn't know all along...I have to say, Bryant isn't the world's best actor. 

Last offseason, Bryant pranked members of the Mesa Community College baseball team by pretending to be a transfer.