An incomplete list of things Kentucky fans burned after losing to UNC

Kentucky fans just started lighting stuff on fire after losing to North Carolina. 
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Kentucky fans were understandably upset after the Wildcats’ dramatic loss to North Carolina in the Elite Eight. While freshman guard De’Aaron Fox dealt with his emotions in a healthy way, fans gathered in Lexington didn’t handle the defeat so well. 

The Lexington Herald-Leader exhaustively​ documented the aftermath, which was basically just a bunch of college kids burning stuff. What follows is a list of items set ablaze by idiots on the street, or at least a partial list. Surely some arson occurred away from the Herald-Leader’s watchful eye. (Be warned that most of the videos contain the same profane chant about the Tar Heels.)

Maybe a box


A T-shirt

• Viewers in Ohio missed the end of UNC-Kentucky because the TV feed suddenly failed

A whole bunch of random crap

The traditional couch

The fires don’t just break out when Kentucky loses, either. Fans set stuff aflame after the Wildcats’ win over UCLA, too.