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Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Emily Marsh; Jay Cutler's bare butt is now on Instagram

No one wants to see that


This is Jay Cutler's butt. His wife Kristin Cavalleri posted the photo to her Instagram account. I added a "no" sticker to spare you the full moon but you get the point. Enjoy the rest of your day.  

Anonymous scouts analyze all 30 MLB teams

Baseball season is coming soon. Find out what the scouts are saying about your team.

The fastest canine balloon popper in the world

Meet Toby, who popped 100 balloons in 36.25 seconds at a Calgary YMCA to set a new world record.

Lovely Lady of the Day

When you look like Emily Rose Maddison Marsh, it's okay to have several names. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Jail Blazers greatest hits

Once upon a time, the Portland Trail Blazers were not the greatest citizens in the world. There were players smuggling pot onto airplanes, underground dog fights and shattered eye sockets. Uproxx has collected all these incidents into one story and it's a must-read.

History of March Madness "Where's Waldo? covers

Can you spot your favorite NCAA tourney players of yesterday in these SI covers?

Hot Clicks Giveaway

There's nothing more frustrating than when your phone runs out of power, but I've got a way to avoid that hassle. MyCharge makes a variety of portable chargers that provide extra battery life when you don’t have time to sit by a wall outlet or have access to one. All of the company’s products feature Safe CellTechnology (which delivers 12 layers of battery and device protections) and Hyper-Charge (which charges smartphones up to 30% faster than the supplied charger the phone comes with). Whether you’re looking for just a small charger for your smartphone or want one that has built in cords and prongs, myCharge has your battery needs covered! I'll send a myCharge to the 100th, 200th and 300th person who emails me ( the South Carolina fan who will be attending the Final Four that I featured in A.M. Clicks. Please make the subject line "myCharge."

I guess this is a thing

Totally Unnecessary

Odds & ends

Donald Trump’s old Stephen Strasburg tweets could make Opening Day a little awkward ... The Rams made Sean McVay the youngest NFL head coach. Here's what his new house looks like ... Did Bill Belichick fly across the country and not change his clothes? ... I can't believe Huma Abedein is giving Anthony Weiner another shot .. This five-year-old girl really knows her flags ... The Fresh Prince of Bel Air cast reunited (with the second version of Aunt Viv) ... Good news for Billy Eichner fans.

Brock Osweiler is afraid of a fake snake

Brackets for Good

Movies and the historical clips that inspired them

Happy Birthday, Vince Vaughn

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