They still love David Ross at Wrigley Field. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
April 10, 2017

Monday’s pregame ceremony at Wrigley Field hit a bit of a snag when rain delayed the raising of the Cubs’ World Series banner. But if fans started getting cranky, surely their spirits were lifted when an old friend showed up on the scoreboard.

Cubs folk hero David Ross couldn’t be at the game because he was in Los Angeles competing on Dancing with the Stars, and fans didn’t think they’d be able to watch him dance because he was scheduled to go on right in the middle of game. That’s the silver lining of the rain delay, though—it provided the perfect opportunity for the Cubs to throw Ross’s performance up on the video board. 

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A score of 31 isn’t the greatest but a stadium full of fans texting their votes should definitely help Ross. 

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