Video: Scottish linesman gets shown a red card after barfing on the field

At least he was able to laugh at himself. 
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Perhaps the best argument for more sports adopting the yellow/red card system is the potential to deploy the cards for comedic effect. 

We’ve already seen a rugby ref use the yellow card to rib a ball boy, and this Scottish soccer ref used the red to have a bit of fun at his linesman’s expense. 

During Saturday’s Kilmarnock-Dundee match, linesman Andrew McWilliam started feeling a bit queasy and ducked off the pitch to empty his stomach, much to the delight of the crowd. He must not have been feeling that badly, because he had a pretty good chuckle when referee Craig Thomason took the red card out of his pocket. 

Goalkeeper gets red card for peeing on the field

Had a long night out, did you, Andrew?

He’s a trooper, though. McWilliam was able to carry on and finish the rest of the match.