Steve Harvey's memo is the most ridiculous thing on the Internet: Traina Thoughts

By Jimmy Traina
May 11, 2017

The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina

1. With all due respect to the sports world, the best thing you are going to see on the Internet today is a memo that talk-show host Steve Harvey allegedly sent to his staff. Apparently, Harvey is sick of people trying to approach him, talk to him and have any kind of interpersonal interaction with him. However, Harvey did not simply tell his staff that he was a busy guy who needed to get in some alone time when he could. Instead, he laid out some ground rules that would make a dictator pround. "IF YOU OPEN MY DOOR, EXPECT TO BE REMOVED." "You must schedule an appointment." "If you're reading this, yes, I mean you." Sounds like a fun work environment. I mean, we're talking about Steve Harvey, not Oprah Winfrey here. The guy is best known for botching a Miss Universe announcement and asking perverted questions on Family Feud. Chill out and beware of karma, Steve.

2. Cam Newton celebrated his 28th birthday by releasing a banging music video.


3. I recently interviewed Jets wide receiver Eric Decker, who was promoting Listerine’s "Unlock Your Bold" campaign in partnership with meditation platform, Inscape. How do you use meditation to help you with football?

Decker: I take a moment before the game to lay down and visualize what I expect the game to be like, different plays and stuff. I just like to relax myself before we run out of the tunnel. Make sure I get a shot of Listerine to spark the system before I run out.  I'\t's my quiet time. My moment of peace among the chaos that the locker room is before a gam, with the emotions that are stirred up. The meditation gets you back to ground zero. You have two little kids at home. We recently saw you working hard to get them through an airport. Can you meditate at home?

Decker: It's not like a sit-down, 30-minute ordeal for me. It's like 10 minutes of me time. It could be at night and stretching before I got to bed. Just that moment where I take deep breaths and let the chaos in my brain settle down. It's about emotional health and getting myself in a good place so I can sleep better. With the Jets rebuilding, there are rumblings your time in New York may come to an end. 

Decker: Well, I'll tell you two things. One, I hate the world "rebuilding." I think it's kind of a cop out for people. Us, as athletes, you never just practice or workout for the fact that "this year is just gonna be whatever, but the year after that or two years from now, it'll be good." That's just not how anyone thinks in the locker room. As far as my status, you might now as well as I do. I'm past the rehab point. I've been a full go, working out, running routes and I feel good, so I can only control so much. Whatever happens is meant to happen. I feel good with where I'm at. You recently turned 30. Do you think about life after football?

Decker: I've got goals. When I got to year five or six in the league, I was like, let's get to 10 and see where I'm at physically, see what my wife says at the point. I'll be at 10 years soon. I don't know what my wife will be doing, where my kids will be at. Those factors come into it. I wanna play as long as I physically can. I know that being away this past season because of an injury, my wife was ready to get me out of the house because I'm so competitive. Everything turned into a competition. Football is my way to get it out of my system. As far as a second career, I'm trying to figure out what that will be because I know I need to do something. Jay Cutler and Tony Romo are going straight from the field to the booth. Would you be interested in doing that?

Decker: I'm definitely interested. I did the broadcasting camp last year. But it's not on my plate as something I want to do soon. It's more of, I wanna play football until I can't or the situation isn't right for my family and then I'll worry about where I'll be at that point. You play for a New York team. The biggest story in New York the past several days has been the Matt Harvey saga. What did you think about all that?

Decker: That's probably why we have curfew. Baseball is different because you have so many games, but football you work so hard to play that game on Sunday and then gotta start over and build up for the next Sunday. In football everyone brings that A game for that one game. It's a fine line of if you can handle your business at night and have fun and be a man and show up to work and perform, then it doesn't matter. But if your performance is affected, it's an issue. What time is your curfew the night before a game?

Decker: We have night meetings and then an hour of snack time and then curfew is at 10 p.m. It's unbelievable. I tell my wife I'm 30 years old and I got a guy my age checking to make sure I'm in bed. I'm like "leave me alone."

4. There is no bigger Derek Jeter fan than me, but even I'm sick of Derek Jeter Week. However, I did enjoy this "thank you" letter that Jeter wrote for New York fans.

5. With Dwayne Johnson saying he was open to running for President, we imagined what a debate between The Rock and Donald Trump would look and sound like.

6. Yes, Rougned Odor. When you make a great leaping catch, you are allowed to show your teammates how high you jumped.

7. Matt Harvey's ex-girlfriends are using social media to kick the man while he's down.

8. THE DAILY ROCK: The Rock and Chris Jericho were relentless in insulting Stephanie McMahon. This was their nastiest promo by far.

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