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Toronto baseball field overtaken by mating carp

The flood also threw a wrench in some nudists’ plans. 

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The city of Toronto has a problem on its hands. Carp, in the middle of their mating season, have laid claim to a baseball field on an island in Lake Ontario. 

The lake has been flooded for more than two weeks and has covered the baseball field at Gibraltar Point about a foot of water. The temporary post has been completely The carp are loving it, because the swampy diamond is basically their ideally mating environment. 

“Common carp generally spawn in flooded areas, like marshland, where they thrash around and spread their eggs onto plants,” according to the Toronto Star

Because the fish are busy making more fish, they’ll be allowed to stay until the waters recede. 

While the flood is good news for the carp it’s a pain in the neck for Toronto-area nudists, who worry their upcoming outing at the island’s clothing-optional beach may be in jeopardy.