Celebrate Bartolo Colon’s birthday with 10 GIFs that capture his essence.

By Dan Gartland
May 24, 2017

America’s favorite portly pitcher turns 44 years old today: Bartolo Colon.

Bart may be struggling this year but we still love him. His unbridled joy on the field and penchant for self deprecation is truly inspiring. On this momentous day, it’s best to honor him with 10 GIFs that capture his essence. 

‘Forever Young’ a very silly birthday video tribute to Bartolo Colon and Bob Dylan

Bart makes a slick play

Bart needs to cool down

Bart’s a big boy

Bart at Pujols have some fun

Bart’s a bit clumsy

Bart celebrates his home run

Bart shares his workout secret

Bart plays Simon Says

Bart’s unorthodox RBI

New York misses Bart

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