Don’t worry, Sixers fans. He didn’t hurt himself. 

By Dan Gartland
June 02, 2017

Here’s a sentence that will terrify Sixers fans: Joel Embiid played in a soccer game. Don’t worry, though. It looks like he just stood around. 

Embiid, a Real Madrid superfan, is in Cardiff this weekend to catch the Champions League final against Juventus. On Friday, he participated in an all-star game with a few aging soccer legends.

When Embiid was first connected to the event, the Sixers clarified that he wouldn’t actually be playing in the game, due to the torn meniscus that ended his season early. 

Sixers brass must have been pretty frightened, then, when they saw this photo.

Getty Images

But don’t worry, Embiid expended as little energy as possible. Standing in the net like this is probably safer than walking to the fridge. 

Carmelo Anthony was also there, and as much as Phil Jackson probably wanted Melo to tear his ACL so he could void his contract, the Knicks star wore jeans and just observed. 


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