Traina Thoughts: Dwyane Wade is a hero and all athletes should follow his lead

Dwyane Wade shoots straight when asked why he's returning to the Bulls.
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1. We should all bow down to Dwyane Wade today. After picking up his $23.8 million option to remain with the Bulls for the 2017-18 season Tuesday, Wade spared us the litany of BS answers usually given by athletes when they agree to a deal. There was no, "I want to win a ring." There was no, "I love the city of Chicago." There was no, "This is the best fit for my talents." There was no, "I'm loyal to this organization." Wade made it clear it was about one thing and one thing only -- cash:

As if that wasn't enough, Wade didn't sugarcoat his feelings on only being paid $23.8 million for one season.

We'd like to send a message to every single athlete out there: Take a lesson from Wade and give us honesty instead of sound bites.

2. Speaking of honesty, TrailBlazers guard Evan Turner offered one hell of a thought on the possibility of Knicks President Phil Jackson trading Kristaps Porzingis.

3. Yes. Yes, you can bet on the upcoming Michael Phelps vs. Shark race.

4. Brandon McCarthy has already been made a Twitter Hall of Famer by the public, but he's not resting on his laurels. He came through again last night after tossing six shutout innings in a win against the Mets.

5. Who would've thought adding a Celine Dion song to a baseball highlight would work out well, but it did in the case of Nolan Arenado's walk-off home run that completed a cycle for the Rockies third baseman.

6. The next WWE pay-per-view is titled, "Great Balls of Fire," for some reason. The company put out this video of various superstars singing the old Jerry Lee Lewis song and Dean Ambrose stole the show.


7. Someone tell Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts that he shouldn't get worked up over a meaningless exhibition game where players play for one or two innings.

8. While the NBA world is going crazy over trade rumors and Draft possibilities is handling #DadLife.

9. I'm retiring the "Daily Rock" feature, and starting Monday I'll just be posting a random wrestling video each day. We end the Daily Rock feature today with the People's Champion tweeting us yesterday.

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