Traina Thoughts: Mets completely lose their minds over stupid unwritten rule

Yasiel Puig took 32 seconds to round the bases and the Mets are furious.
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1. The New York Mets are 31-40. They're 11.5 games out of first place in the NL East and 13.5 games out of a wild-card spot. They've lost seven of their last 10 games. And approximately 99% of their roster is or has been injured. You'd think they'd have bigger fish to fry than worrying about one of baseball's ridiculous unwritten rules. However, that wasn't the case Wednesday night, when several New York players got all hot and bothered because Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig took -- and you won't even believe this -- a whopping 32 seconds to round the bases after a three-run homer in the fourth inning. Thirty-two seconds! What a monster! He even had the nerve to watch his dinger fly out of Dodger Stadium.

According to reports, Mets catch Travis D'Arnaud, outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, infielders Jose Reyes and Wilmer Flores all spoke to Puig about his dastardly act. Imagine if he actually did something wrong. 

After the game, Flores said, "“I don’t think [Puig] knows what respect for the game is. We are playing horrible right now. We don’t need his sh–. He disrespected us. But I don't take that." Wilmer, come back to earth.

Only in Major League Baseball can taking 32 seconds to round the bases be considered a form of disrespect. So would, 30 seconds be OK? How about 27? What is the exact rule that really isn't a rule? Wait, here's New York outfielder Jay Bruce to shed some light on the "rule."

"Yasiel is very, very talented, but he's not David Ortiz. This guy doesn't have 500 home runs ... it takes a minute to get around the bases."

Ohhhhh. So if you have a certain number of career home runs, then the unwritten rule says that you can take longer to round the bases. But what is that number? Does anyone know? 

Do Major League Baseball players understand how ridiculous they sound when they take themselves so seriously over a game? The Mets acted as if Puig committed a felony when in reality he took a few extra seconds than they'd like for him to jog around the bases. Good grief.

2. Knicks President Phil Jackson has said the team is listening to offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Jackson is reportedly mad at the fan favorite because he skipped his exit meeting with the team after it's pathetic season. This was all music to Joel Embiid's ears, as the Sixers big man chimed in on the situation in a glorious way.

3. You will not be disappointed if check out this video of Tom Brady battling a sumo wrestler.

4. Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera will admire you beard even if it's in the middle of a game.

5. Two days ago, LeBron James was watching Tom & Jerry in his sick van. Fresh Price of Bel Air was his viewing choice today. Oh, and he has a message for all the NBA Draft prospects.

6. Russell Westbrook is in Paris for Fashion Week. That means we excellent pictures like this one via his Instagram page.

7. This is a very inside New York story, but anyone who has an appreciation for music will enjoy it. The Mets longtime groundskeeper, Pete Flynn, passed away Wednesday at 79. Flynn drove Paul McCartney to the stage when the Beatles played Shea Stadium in 1965. Flynn later drove McCartney to the stage when he made a surprise appearance during a Billy Joel concert in 2008, which was the last even ever at Shea before they tore it down. McCartney described the full-circle moment in a documentary about Joel's concerts at Shea.

8. Rough read, but a good article here on Chris Berman, who gave his first interview after his wife tragically died in a car accident.

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