The real reason Markelle Fultz is happy he's not in Boston: Not enough Chick-fil-A

It was not the cheesesteak, but there was another sandwich Markelle Fultz could not get in Boston that he could eat in Philadelphia.
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Boston could never offer Markelle Fultz what Philadelphia could: his lucky sandwich.

In a piece written for The Player's Tribune, the newly drafted No. 1 pick explained how he learned he was headed to Philadelphia to workout for the 76ers on June 16. After getting a text from his trainer saying they were going to Philly instead of Boston, Fultz asked his most important question: "Do they have Chick-fil-a there?"

Fultz says a crispy chicken sandwich for breakfast is his "good luck charm," and after a quick Google, he found out that Philadelphia has seven Chick-fil-a restaurants — if you count the one in the airport. Boston on the other hand has zero Chick-fil-a restaurants.

When he arrived for his workout, Fultz says the Sixers had a table filled with Chick-fil-a sandwiches waiting for him, and he respected that "they did their research."

It's not the TGI Fridays on City Line Avenue, but between Chick-fil-a and Larry's (Fultz's favorite cheesesteak spot), the rookie is sure to find love from Philadelphia eateries.