Jay Z album: NBA players don’t want to buy Tidal - Sports Illustrated

NBA players are just as mad as you are that you need Tidal to hear the Jay Z album

That’s seriously the only way to hear the new Jay Z?
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The good news: Jay Z has a new album. The bad news: You have to subscribe to his unpopular streaming service to listen to it. Not only that, you have to have subscribed to Tidal since before the album dropped in order to get access. (You can also get it if you have a cell phone plan with Sprint.) This is crap and everyone knows it, NBA players included. 

You can always count on NBA players to provide quality insights on the latest hot new rap album (or to give fans a sneak preview) but when they woke up Friday morning they were sorely disappointed to realize you need to jump through hoops to hear the new Jay record. 

Man, did Evan Turner really have to resort to listening to Tom Petty instead? That’s tragic.