Gordon Hayward signed with the Celtics, which vindicated one ESPN writer.

By Jimmy Traina
July 05, 2017

The best of the Internet, plus musings by SI.com writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. Gordon Hayward is a good player. Based on what took place on social media yesterday, he has somehow become Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Larry Bird rolled into one. I mean people losing their minds on Twitter, a Player's Tribune article and jersey burning for Gordon Hayward? Really? Gordon Hayward? To each his own, I guess. Anyway, the MVP of the Hayward saga was ESPN's Chris Haynes. Haynes broke the story of Hayward leaving Utah for Boston at around 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Shortly thereafter, Hayward's camp vehemently denied that the forward had made a decision. If that is to be believed, over the next five hours or so, Hayward then decided to join the Celtics AND write a piece about leaving Utah for Derek Jeter's website. Of course, this ended up vindiciating Haynes, who reacted in a perfect way on Twitter.

2. Aaron Rodgers REALLY likes the 4th of July.

3. Clayton Kershaw tossed seven shutout innings while striking out 11 in a win against the Diamondbacks last night, but his real highlight was the way he cut short his postgame press conference.

4. Sixers social media star, Joel Embiid, has some thoughts on LaVar Ball.

5. Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia is doing everything right these days. On Sunday, he managed to get in a bite of ice cream during a break in the action.

And then yesterday, he somehow managed to avoid being tagged out and scored on this insane play.

6. Aaron Judge's home runs are now putting dents into Yankee Stadium.

7. Here's a story about what life is like for a 9-year-old whose parents named her, ESPN.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Rock overcomes Vince McMahon's shenanigans to win the WWE title from HHH with help from Steve Austin while Jim Ross goes nuts.


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