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These young Manchester United fans are all kinds of excited to meet and play with Jesse Lingard.

By Jon Tayler
July 05, 2017

While those of us in the United States were busy sating ourselves at our July 4 cookouts, trying to do our best Joey Chestnut imitation and consume as many hot dogs as is humanly possible, some fine young folks over in England—apparently not mourning a 241st year without the colonies—were having a celebration of their own thanks to a chance encounter with Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard, who dropped in on some local kids and caused them to lose their minds.

Special shouts to the kid in the blue Nike shirt who, upon seeing the 24-year-old local boy (he was born in a town roughly 20 miles from Manchester), emits the kind of scream normally reserved for "I've been set on fire." But hey, who wouldn't be excited to meet a star player and get to kick the ball around with him?

Anyway, this is just the latest entry in "Jesse Lingard is a good dude who loves the local fans," following this March moment in which he went to a bar next to Old Trafford after a game and bought drinks for all the supporters inside.

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