That’s even smaller than shmedium. 

By Dan Gartland
July 19, 2017

Manchester City and Manchester United are playing at match at NRG Stadium in Houston this week, so City’s Sergio Aguero did that thing athletes always do in this situation and had a photo op with J.J. Watt. It should have been pretty unremarkable, just some good cross promotion for both brands.

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But then Watt and Aguero decided to actually put on the jerseys they were holding. 

The Texans had no problem finding a Watt jersey to fit the 5'8", 150 pound Aguero, but I guess City didn’t have any XXXXXL shirts lying around for Watt.

He looks like the Incredible Hulk. The key difference, though, is that Hulk’s strength comes from exposure to radiation and Watt’s, as we all know, is from pure grit.

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