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Watch: Kentucky Players Take Drive-By Dunk Challenge to Another Level

This thing won’t go away.

To be honest I don’t really know what the Drive-By Dunk Challenge — excuse me, #DriveByDunkChallenge — is for, or how the youth of America came up with it, but I do know two things: one, Kentucky has a version of it now, and two, I can’t dunk and I’m a little salty about that.

Lots of people, including members of the the Duke basketball team, have been doing this particular thing, which involves the guerilla-style ambush of a lonely rim somewhere, and dunkers exiting their cars to do a presumably cool dunk. Did I mention there is a dunk involved?

Here’s what Kentucky did.

They’re terrorizing homes.

With dunks.

Is this thing actually cool? That’s up to you, the reader.