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Traina Thoughts: Stephen A. Smith Had A Ridiculous Yet Comical Response To LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith put on quite a performance after being called out by LeBron James.

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1. No one on earth is happier today than Stephen A. Smith. The ESPN yakker got LeBron James to respond to him in the middle of all this Kyrie Irving trade drama, which is so good for business. Smith put out a story that LeBron would to kick Kyrie Irving's ass if he saw him. LeBron went on Twitter Tuesday to shoot this down, even though he ended up going after Slam Online, which just reported what Stephen A. threw out there, and not Stephen A directly. Of course, Smith now had to keep the story going, so he went on an overly dramatic rant that started with, "There are some moments when a professional athlete literally tempts you to go nuclear on them and I stand here right in that zone when it comes to LeBron James." Yes, LeBron James was literally tempting Stephen A. Smith with his tweet denying that he wants to kick Kyrie Irving's ass. Anyway, Smith continued his performance by saying he has 30 sources and he stands by his story, blah, blah, blah. And while the whole thing is absurd, we have to give Smith credit for selling it well. He goes from screaming at the top of his lungs one minute to whispering a threat in the next. You can listen to the over-the-top theatrics below.

2. In honor of the expected LeBron-Kyrie break up, here are 10 other very memorable sports divorces

3. Dez Bryant doesn't get a ton of good press, but he made a kid's day at practice yesterday, so give credit where credit is due.

4. This is excellent Internetting by Instagram user, @Glovework

5. WWE fans know that Renee Young and Daniel Bryan found out their post-SmackDown Live show, Talking Smack, was cancelled via Twitter last week. Well, the duo went rogue and started a new show, called SmackingTalk (get it?), which debuted last night and featured some top-notch performing by Bryan.

6. The life of an athlete: Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones recently lost a $150,000 diamon earring while jet skiing.

7. Lyft is here to solve all of your late-night Taco Bell needs with it's new "Taco Mode" feature.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: WWF Prime Time was a truly great show back in the day. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan played off each other as well as any duo in TV history. Relive some of the magic in this clip where they play Super Nintendo against one another.

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