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Video: Kid Hits Homer Using Bat Dad Surprised Him With, Dad Catches It

He went viral for his son’s birthday gift, but the story gets even better. 

I don’t think there are many sports parents out there more enthusiastic than Devon Fowler.

You might remember Fowler for surprising his son, Braheim, with a new baseball bat for his birthday around this time last year. He acted like he had forgotten to get Braheim anything, then brought him to tears by surprising him with the bat. 

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Well, the story gets even better. Braheim was playing in a game recently, using that bright green bat his dad got him, and launched a long home run to straightaway centerfield. Not only was his dad was camped out there with his camera rolling, he used his free hand to catch the ball. (You can see it in the video at the top of the page.) What are the odds of that?

With a super supportive dad and a sweet swing, Braheim’s baseball career looks awfully promising. Devon will have to buy him a wood bat pretty soon.