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Watch: Russell Martin Talks Trash to Umpire

Russell Martin has been in the show for a while, and I guess he feels pretty comfortable around umps. 

Baseball umpires do not enjoy being talked at. One foul word or look can set them off and result in an ejection. These guys tend to have a quick trigger—on Thursday, Adrian Beltre, he of nearly 3,000 hits, was ejected for moving the on-deck circle, because apparently that's against the rules?

If that ejection was meant to send a message to the league's veterans, it didn't reach Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin.

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In the second inning of Friday's 7-2 loss to the Angels, Martin was upset after the Angels scored on a bases-loaded walk. After calling ball four, umpire Angel Hernandez took off his mask and stared at pitcher J.A. Happ, essentially baiting him to argue the call (which probably would have resulted in an ejection).

Martin didn't appreciate Hernandez's proactive, confrontational approach, so he gave him a piece of his mind:

This guy told the umpire, "put your mask back on." While Martin wasn't ejected for this bit of trash talk, he wasn't so lucky the night before; he and pitcher Marcus Stroman were both ejected after the same pitch.  

Look, Martin's not having the best season and the Blue Jays are in last place. I'd be cranky, too. 

(h/t r/sports)