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Monday's Hot Clicks: Samantha Dahlborg; Adrian Beltre's Here So He Won't Get Fined

The newest member of the 3,000 hit club is just here so he doesn't get fined.

Further proof that Adrian Beltre is the best

He's a future Hall of Famer, one of the greatest Dominican players ever, an all-time defensive genius at third base, and—as of Sunday afternoon—the 31st and newest member of one of MLB's most exclusive groups: the 3,000 hit club. Yes, Adrian Beltre is many things, but chief among them is funny.

Don't believe me? Beltre's feud with Rangers teammate Elvis Andrus never fails to amuse; his hatred of having his head touched is baseball's best running gag (and he even cup-checked the Orioles' Adam Jones after Jones tried to put a hand to Beltre's dome after the record-setting hit). And after collecting his 3,000th career hit on Sunday, Beltre showed off his comedic chops with a pitch-perfect Marshawn Lynch impersonation at his post-game press conference.

Never leave us, Adrian.

Chris Christie continues his reign of boorish terror

When we last left Chris Christie, occasional governor of New Jersey and sports talk radio host of some repute, he was getting roundly booed at a Mets game for coming up with a foul ball—an expected and deserved result for one of the least popular politicians in this galaxy. Unwelcome at Citi Field, Gov. Christie apparently decided to try for friendlier confines, catching a Cubs-Brewers game at Miller Park in Milwaukee. But to his chagrin, Christie once again found himself on the receiving end of some pointed jeers, only to decide that this time, he wasn't going to take this sitting down.

I will just note that it's very, very hard to take a man and his anger seriously when his pants are belted so high that they're practically at his chin.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Samantha Dahlborg is a Swedish model and a former Miss Maine. I'm not sure how those two work together, but nonetheless, she's today's pick as the Lovely Lady of the Day. Check out her full gallery here.

Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving reach new heights in NBA pettiness

Yes, that's Steph making fun of LeBron James' workout dance ... and yes, that's LeBron's teammate laughing hysterically at it. I get the feeling Kyrie doesn't want to be in Cleveland any more.

And now, that time Pudge Rodriguez's kid peed on Ken Griffey Jr.'s uniform

That's a Hall of Fame-level story.

Danilo Galinari's got a mean right hook

Too bad that punch broke his hand, though.

Odds and Ends

Aaron Judge's jersey from his MLB debut went for a cool $160,644 at auction over the weekend ... It's MLB trade deadline day, but how well do you know baseball's history of wheeling and dealing? Take our handy quiz to find out ... Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles is already in midseason form ... The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still happening and lots of nice things are marked down ... Joe Rogan apologized for his cringeworthy post-fight interview of Daniel Cormier after Cormier was knocked out by Jon Jones at UFC 214 ... Twins star Miguel Sano is all about giving out hugs to fans, even during games ... The Mets' popular "We Follow Lucas Duda" Instagram account will apparently follow him to Tampa Bay, thanks to a "trade" organized by Curtis Granderson.

Area Seagull Narrowly Avoids Death

I'm honestly more amazed that Khris Davis didn't swing at the bird than the fact that the ball didn't hit it.

Behold this beautiful own goal


Hey, at least it was pretty.

Shouts to Liverpool's Jordan Henderson

A nice act for a young fan is always worth celebrating.

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